Thursday, April 28, 2016

The book that launched the Truth Jihad!

Amazon Top Reviewer William Hare compares Truth Jihad to Mencken, Rabelais: 

"Kevin Barrett takes the reader on a fascinating personal journey, culminating in a total commitment to the organization he founded, the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth. His breezy prose and succinct social commentary remind one of H.L. Mencken. America's legendary pundit would have cheered Barrett's puncturing of establishment myths in his search for the truth behind the 9/11 atrocities.
   "Barrett's gifts for verse and sidesplitting satire in Truth Jihad also recall Rabelais, the ribald genius of France; Barrett has taught and studied in Paris, too. He makes admirable use of humor, realizing that without it, life would be too somber to bear in Bush America, under the Damocles sword of a neocon armageddon.
   "As a practicing Muslim, Barrett is well placed to analyze the current epidemic of Islamophobia. One of the most valuable insights in Truth Jihad is his clever scrutiny of the geopolitics of neocon propaganda, which smears Muslims with the terrorist label, as a ploy to despoil their land of its fabulous oil wealth."

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